White Fan Praised For Saying “N****”

It is 2016 and racism is still dividing our country. But ask yourself, how can we move on, if people are still stuck in the past? The black community is split into two categories. Those who are offended by the use of the “n” word, and those who are not. Growing up, I lived in one of the most crime-filled parts of America (Gary, Indiana) and racism was a huge issue in the area. According to Census.gov, the population of African Americans is 85% with, I’m guessing, 100% of them using the word nigga (I asked my black friend to type this for me, don’t worry).  When I moved to Florida, though the statistics changed dramatically, it did not stop my African American friends from calling me this WORD. I felt like a true gangsta. Those who are still offended over the use of the word, however, need to realize that over half of their community is using it (not negatively) in: music, terms of endearment, and brotherly compassion to not only those of the same skin color, but others.

Travi$ Scott, is a rapper known for his high intensity shows, self-produced songs, fashion, and pretty much responsible for every white person saying “It’s lit!” at some point in their life. He has recently toured with Grammy winners, Weekend and Rihanna. At a Toronto concert, this past week, Scott jumped in the crowd and let a young white fan sing the lyrics to his hit “3500”. The video above, shows the fan filling in the lyrics “Only trill niggas i know” (lyrics from Rapgenius.com, NOT ME!). The end of the clipped video, shows Travi$ explaining how the young fan singing those lyrics makes him “want to cry” because  a long time ago nobody wanted to see them “fucking with each other”. This is how America should be, straight love for one another.


Tyler, the Creator is one of the most creative and wise rappers in the game. When he is not producing beats, writing lyrics/ movie scripts, directing videos, and selling his own brand of clothes (Golf Wang), he is sending out messages to kids around the world. He is famously known, for tweeting his views on cyber bullying (Pictured above). How true is this…. Like if something (like words) or someone is bothering you, just walk away, delete them off social media, surround yourself with people who pick you up not bring you down. His thoughts on the “n” word are the exact same, saying in an interview, “We don’t actually give a fuck about that shit,” when asked about White people using “nigga”. “Mothafuckers who care are the reason racism is still alive.”

Now don’t get me wrong, when slavery was an issue in the world, the word had a terrible meaning and still, every time I hear an alcoholic, frat-wannabee drop the hard “ER” I cringe and feel ashamed about how this community was/ and still is treated. But times have changed. Be open to the idea that white people (and even Guatemalan), don’t mean it in a negative way and are in-fact using it in the same fashion as they hear it in the black community.



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