Power ranking the top 5 animal predators

#5- Great White Sharkshark-breaching-picture.jpg

The reputation alone earns the GWS a spot on the predator list. I might get a lot of shit, people will be coming at my neck saying that it should be higher on the list, fuck that. NO predator has lost more respect over the past few years than the Great White.

King of the sea? Cool guys, eat something that’s close to your size just once for me, just once.

Couldn’t be more overrated if it tried, only kills like 2 or 3 humans per year? Yawn. Nobody cares that you eat like 300 seals a day if you aren’t hunting humans too. Jaws put you guys on the map but if I don’t see any improvement from the shark community next year, they’re out.

#4 Polar Bear


Probably the sneakiest predator out there due to location. I wish I knew more about these damn beasts but they are just too secluded. The fact that they only live in like Antartica and the North Pole (and zoos) is absolutely mystifying.

Nobody lives there, so I’m going to make an assumption that they just scare everybody away and eat them. I haven’t heard one nice thing about polar bears, all I keep hearing is that they are straight savages.

#3 Nile Crocodile



Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the American Alligator, but compared to it’s completely hardo brother (The Nile Crocodile), it stands no chance. I feel like alligators have kind of gone soft like a baby’s bottom- hardly hear of any gator attacks anymore. These guys are stilling living in the jungles in Africa attacking the shit out of anything.

One huge downfall for them as a predator is that they’re half mentally retarded as soon as they come on land, that’s a fact. Inside the waters though, you’re done. The Nile River is a straight terror dome for anything or anybody. Everyone knows who has the big swinging dick in the water, and it’s the Nile Crocodile

#2 Humans


The homo sapiens are gradually climbing up the later as the #1 savages of all time. The humans have only had like 4,000 years on earth but can now kill anything thanks to technology and guns. Completely unfair advantage to the animal kingdoms but it’s a dog eat dog world.

Seriously if PETA and all these other liberal groups keep getting pissed humans hunting down literally every animal I’m going to go crazy. Hey other animals it’s simple: get a bigger brain? If you can’t learn how to adapt and build bigger and better guns than us then just throw up the white flag.

These other animals seriously have to rely on HUMAN groups to save them? If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen- I’m looking at you all nearly extinct animals. Hey white rhinos, don’t want to be extinct? Maybe learn how to use your huge ass tusks to defend yourself, it’s not hard.

#1 Tyrannosaurus Rex



Wow, these guys sure did get the shitty end of the stick. Nothing has ever been nor will ever be more powerful than the T-Rex. Just happened to be living in a terrible time in history where the entire earth got wiped out by a damn asteroid.

Seriously nothing they could have done but just watch their legacy and lives flash before their eyes before they all got smoked. These beasts controlled everything and no doubt would still be #1 if they were alive today. Even humans would be the T-Rex’s bitch if they were still roaming around today.

Don’t tell me the T-Rex wouldn’t have adapted to guns, tanks and anything else we’d throw at them- they totally would. If only we were in living in a world controlled by the T-Rex… damn. Now I’m choked up.

RIP in Peace to the T-Rex

Gone but never forgotten


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