Remembering Kobe: The 2004 NBA Finals


While everyone praises rapist (alleged) Kobe Bryant for concluding his 20th NBA season, I too am reminded of all the joy #8 (and #24) has brought me.

Particularly the 2004 NBA Finals when Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and Co. were embarrassed by the Detroit Pistons in the first 5-game sweep in sports history (blew a lead late in game 2 after dominating the first 46 minutes).

Kobe was great in that series. The turnovers. The lack of assists. The dysfunction. Loved every minute as my eyes were glued to my television the entire series.

Kobe has done a lot for the NBA, and there is nothing I will remember him for more than the 2004 NBA Finals. Thanks for the memories. Mamba out.

-B the Eagle

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