The New Spider-man Title is Really Bad

Intensity. Drama. Pain. Mystery.

Those words connect with Spider-Man, one of the greatest comic book heroes of all-time. For the 15th time since 2001, Spider-Man is getting a cinematic reboot. So what’s the title (now that Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man are taken)?


Yup. That’s the title.

The first thought that comes to mind is Spider-Man trying to ruin high school dances filled with desperate students trying to get laid, spike the punch, or both.

Perhaps he’ll swing around the homecoming floats circulating the football field at halftime.

Or he’ll make fun of the old folks returning to their high school stomping grounds.

No, I’m not an idiot. Yes, I know “homecoming” does not actually refer to a homecoming. But in any case, this title sucks and it’s mainly because Sony and Marvel were in a bickering for years over who should get the bigger slice of the billions of dollars.

Marvel, of course, ultimately won and decided to reboot the franchise yet again. Maybe the third time is the charm.


It’s so good:

Random Power Ranking: 1) Batman 2) Spider-Man 3) Irrelevant

-B the Eagle

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