Michael Jackson comes back from the dead to tweet at Kobe Bryant

Very sneaky here by Michael Jackson. The old act like your dead for 6 years then rise from the dead to quote yourself about something Kobe Bryant said about you.

Let’s look at the facts here: everyone knows ghosts exists, that’s just a pure fact. He already came back as a hologram, made a new album and now he’s just tweeting his tits off to fellow *alleged* rapist Kobe Bryant.

Cocky move by the King of Pop to completely overthrow Mamba Day and quote something about himself that Kobe said.

Then the old “I’m amazing but by the way, congrats Kobe!” Look MJ, we can’t all be fucking ghosts so just relax and give the Mamba the credit where it’s due. m

P.S. it’s fair to hate white MJ, but if you hate mixed or black MJ I want nothing to do with you. Mixed MJ may be the greatest human that’s ever lived.

P.S.S- I miss you mixed MJ, please let me be a ghost with you when I die.



Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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