ESPN Picks a Team from the West to Win Lord Stanley

Bold. Hot take from the Mothership. Of the 8 teams in the NHL’s Western Conference, they predict one of them will win the Stanley Cup. Wow. MARK IT DOWN. PLACE YOUR BETS NOW.

KIM there are 16 teams in the postseason. ESPN just picked a field of 50%. And that’s assuming that each team has the same percent chance to take home the GOAT trophy in sports. Of course, that’s not the case.

True Stanley Cup contenders: Washington (East), Pittsburgh (East), Dallas (West), St. Louis (West), Chicago (West), Anaheim (West), and Los Angeles (West).

That’s the list. 5/7 for the West. I like those odds too.

MY PICK: Blackhawks. (please please please please be wrong. hope this jinxes them.)

#LGRW. Throw those octopuses.

-B the Eagle

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