Swiper, No Vaping. Swiper, No Vaping. Swiper, No Vaping.


Fatima Ptacek, Voice Of Dora In Nickelodeon's "Dora And Friends: Into The City" And Teri Weiss Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell In Times Square

Well I guess we finally know why she’s been talking to animals and other inanimate objects all these years. Young voice actress of the popular Dora the Explorer, Fatima Ptacek, was suspended after caught tripping off that dank nicotine vape in a bathroom at her school.

Let’s just compare this to the exploits of past Nick and Disney stars first. Jennette Mccurdy and Vanessa Hudgens were both caught in sex scandals of sorts in their tenure. Demi Lovato dealt with bipolar disorder which led to her leaving and the cancellation of Sonny With A Chance. And most famously Miley Cyrus was caught on video smoking what was allegedly marijuana. They’re totally the worst hell mama ever raised.

Now while Ms. Ptacek, fittingly for that role as she’s partly of latino descent, is only 15 and supposed to be a good role model for her kid fans, is this really the worst thing she could do? No, and far from it. Quite a few kids her age from my town had themselves already gotten pregnant so it’s not like she robbed a bank or killed someone in comparison. Lay off her dammit.

leave britney alone

It was mentioned in some reports another girl who was caught doing this with her wasn’t suspended, but rather expelled. Some accused their school of giving Fatima special treatment because of her star status, for which Nickelodeon hasn’t commented yet, but this has to be true as her parents could just write a check and make it go away.

It’s to be expected Nick may already be searching for someone to replace her though or could be cancelling the show altogether soon enough so they don’t give off the impression that if someone famous vapes, other kids can too. On that note, we just going to forget the days of kids programs like The Flintstones advertising cigarettes in the 60’s? Grow a pair America because we’re not all 5 years old forever. Seacrest out.

-The Irishman

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