Random Power Ranking: Postseasons


Let’s take a moment to forget about the chaos of life and realize what we’ve had the privilege of watching and preparing for over the past couple of weeks: March Madness, MLB Opening Day, The Masters, and soon NBA and NHL Playoffs. Bleep yes. Best time of the year.

Time to rank postseason play among the four major sports and college basketball and football. There is nothing better than meaningless rankings. Let’s get it:

  1. MARCH MADNESS – Sure, it just happened and is still fresh in my mind, but the NCAA Tournament truly is the GOAT. Skip everything all day, sit on the couch, and watch more successful college students compete while the NCAA makes bank without paying anyone. Love it. So American. Bonus points for the NCAA recognizing the official tournament name as “March Madness” as of 2016.
  2. STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS – The level between the regular NHL season and the postseason is greater than in any other sport. It’s like everyone took Barry Bonds’ level of PEDs at the same time. It’s the most intense professional sport postseason and has the world’s greatest trophy (that I kissed in 2002).
  3. MLB POSTSEASON – The playoffs in the MLB rival the intensity of the NHL. Every pitch is nerve-racking. Every. Single. One. Last season’s 7th inning between the Jays and Rangers in the ALDS was the greatest inning of baseball ever played. The addition of the Wild Card Game starts it off with a bang.
  4. NFL PLAYOFFS – Typically, the NFL produces close match-ups during their playoff season. Perhaps part of that is the unique system with two byes in each conference. Either way, the NFL will definitely expand to a 16 team playoff very soon. Goodell needs more money for his illegal operations.
  5. COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF – The problem here is the execution. Also, the games last year SUCKED. Two blowouts, although the National Championship was a thriller. The first year rocked with the Semifinals on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, greed got in the way during year two which resulted in watching the semis on New Year’s Eve instead, which was a joke. The first kickoff was at 5:30pm, which means those on the West Coast were still at work as New Year’s Eve is not an official holiday. Prepare to lie to your wife or girlfriend in the future to stay at home on the Eve instead of going out to a lame party that no one wants to go to.
  6. NBA PLAYOFFS – Boring. So boring. The early rounds are already decided before the ball is tipped. Sure, Warriors-Spurs might be okay in the West Finals, but that’s the first match-up to actually look forward to. We all know the finals will be Coach LeBron vs THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL-TIME (WARRIORS, BABY).


-B the Eagle

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