Harper Swipes Bag With Batting Gloves In His Mouth

Bryce Harper is the ultimate blow hard. We all saw it when he went at it with teammate Jonathan Papelbon last season. Or his past of absolutely roasting reporters in post game interviews. Or shoving sparkling cider down his throat with Adam Larouche’s son after they clinched the NL East. Or brutally smashing bats in the dugout.

But this might top it all. He just stole a base tonight with a batting glove in his mouth. In what universe is it necessary to attempt to steal a base with a batting glove hanging out your mouth? Such a hardo move.


Harper is that typical baseball douchebag that every high school has. You know that guy on the baseball team who thinks he is all that and actually is. And even though you hate that guy, even you can admit deep down that he is the man. Harper is that man. It’s going to be a long baseball season. No doubt Harper will do something that will top this. But for now this is Harper’s #1 blow hard moment.

-The Rabbi

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