Week 1 MLB Power Rankings

mlbOf everything meaningless in the world, Power Rankings are head and shoulders above the rest. I love them. I study them. I spend most of my time critiquing them. With the MLB and ESPN having mental issues and thinking it was a good idea to have Sunday Night Baseball in Detroit in mid-April, I was able to start these a bit early to assess the first week of the season. A synopsis only goes to the top ten. Let’s get it:

  1. Chicago Cubs (5-1) – They are nasty. So nasty. Their lineup is unfair, even if Kyle Schwarber is out for the season. The curse may not be broken this year (it will never be) but the Cubs have the best roster and manager.
  2. Kansas City Royals (4-1) – The defending World Series Champions SOMEHOW always find a way to win. They are the favorite to win the American League.
  3. Baltimore Orioles (5-0) – The lone undefeated team in the Big Leagues deserves a high position in these meaningless rankings.
  4. San Francisco Giants (5-2) – Truthfully, there is really no reason to play this season. It’s obvious the Giants will win the World Series due to it being an even year. The last team to win an even year was the Phillies in 2008. Chaos.
  5. Cincinnati Reds (5-1) – Brogy’s Reds are back, baby.
  6. Washington Nationals (3-1) – As I warned everyone before the season, watch out for the Nats ALL SEASON LONG. Why has no one talked about them? Make Baseball Fun Again.
  7. Detroit Tigers (3-1) – Hopefully the winning continues so I can finally get the taste of 2015 out of my mouth.
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates (4-2) – I’ve been a HUGE Pirates fan for the past couple of years. This is the year they break through.
  9. Boston Red Sox (3-2) – The fate of the Sox will be their non-Price starters. Hot take.
  10. New York Yankees (3-2) – Great sign for the Yankees with A-Rod and CC looking solid in the opening games.
  11. Chicago White Sox (3-2)
  12. Los Angeles Dodgers (4-3)
  13. St. Louis Cardinals (3-3)
  14. Oakland Athletics (4-3)
  15. Toronto Blue Jays (3-4)
  16. New York Mets (2-3)
  17. Cleveland Indians (2-2)
  18. Milwaukee Brewers (3-3)
  19. Colorado Rockies (3-3)
  20. Texas Rangers (3-4)
  21. Houston Astros (2-4)
  22. Seattle Mariners (2-4)
  23. Los Angeles Angles (2-4)
  24. Tampa Bay Rays (2-4)
  25. Arizona Diamondbacks (2-5)
  26. San Diego Padres (2-4)
  27. Miami Marlins (1-3)
  28. Philadelphia Phillies (2-4)
  29. Atlanta Braves (0-5)
  30. Minnesota Twins (0-6)

-B Prime Minister (The Eagle)

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