New Thrones trailer, you will give you a throner

Absolutely LOVE this new trailer that GOT dropped on us today, probably the best S6 trailer so far in fact. Last night they screened a premiere so you know a lot of losers and dick heads are going to be leaking videos and posting spoilers- fuck those guys.

The point is to get some blood rushing to your tip and give you a nice hard throner, which it should. Absolutely exploded in the first 25 seconds when Drogon comes swinging his big dragon dick over the Dothraki people.




13 days everyone, and I said no spoilers or predictions but everyone knows Jon Snow isn’t dead right? I know he’s still dead in the trailer but you have to be a complete nitwit to think they’re killing off Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.




Author: Brogy

Normal guy.

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