New Racist in New York City

The democratic primary race is heating up in New York. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton got the endorsement that she has been hoping for, an endorsement from New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

She joked with him at the Inner Circle Dinner that it is about time that he endorsed her and out of nowhere Mayor de Blasio checks into the racist game.

De Blasio said, “Sorry I was running on CP (Color People) Time.”

Absolute chaos response from the mayor of New York City. To make matters worse, African American actor, Leslie Odom Jr. was on stage with them. He said, “That’s not – I don’t like jokes like that Bill.”

I can’t even begin to imagine how awkward that must have been to be there live to witness that comment. Even Odom Jr. couldn’t even put together a complete sentence, he was so in shock.

It didn’t even phase Clinton and de Blasio. They clearly thought it was hilarious. De Blasio was definitely thinking, “Oh, I’m married to an African American, it’s fine.” He is no doubt one of those guys that makes inappropriate racist jokes like that and then follows it up by saying, “It’s alright. Have you seen my wife?

This reminds me of Dr. Tim Whatley from Seinfeld who became a Jew just for the jokes.


The best part is Hillary trying to cover up the joke by saying, “It’s fine. He means cautious politician time.”

This election year is wild. You can’t make this stuff up.

-The Rabbi



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