NBA Playoff Preview


Eastern Conference

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers will win the east. You can take it to the bank. Playoff Lebron with Kyrie and Love. Who else can stop them in the east? Absolutely no one. Last year I got $20 from Brogy for picking the Cavs against the field. Made the same bet this year. Coach Lebron and his team will prevail until they reach the finals.

(2) Toronto Raptors: Toronto clearly has the second best team in the east but let’s be honest aren’t they the most boring team in the eastern conference to watch? Who on that team is exciting to watch? Not only does Canada have the most boring NBA team but they also produced the most boring presidential candidate. I wonder if Ted Cruz is a huge Raptor guy, probably is. Toronto has a good shot at winning a couple of playoff series but once they face Bron Bron, the whole country of Canada will be listening to Drake for comfort. The question is what is going to be the bigger loss for Canada this summer, Raptors or watching Ted Cruz lose the GOP nomination to the Donald.


(3) Atlanta: Last year’s playoff run for the Hawks is a preview of what is going to happen this offseason. Sure they have a great starting five but they clearly do not have the athleticism or talent to compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Atlanta Hawks remind me a lot of the Indiana Pacers from a couple of years ago, good team but not a great team. They still do not have that one great player. Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap will only bring you so far.

(4) Boston: As much as I dislike the Boston fans, I have to admit that they are the second most talented team in the eastern conference. Not the second best, but the second most talented. They have a great coach in Brad Stevens, Isaiah Thomas is showing the world that he is a legit star, and they still have those token white guys that everyone goes crazy about. How can you not root for Jonas Jerebko or Kelly Olynyk? The key for the Celtics is trying to solidify the three seed. If that happens expect to see them playing the Cavs in the eastern conference finals.

(5) Miami: Chris Bosh has been injured for what seems to be almost half a season. The bad news is that the dinosaur (Chris Bosh) is surrounded by a bunch of dinosaurs. The Heat are the oldest team in the NBA and it definitely shows when it comes to the fourth quarter. My favorite part about watching the Heat games is seeing Udonis Haslem check in for 3 minutes and seeing the Heat fans lose their minds when he comes down with a rebound. Haslem can do anything he wants in Miami and get away with it and still be adored by the fans. My prediction is more guys on that team get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction than they win playoff games.

(6) Charlotte: Could you imagine the Warriors playing the Hornets in the finals and the Hornets pulling off the upset? Crazy stuff. Michael Jordan’s cockiness level is already at an all time high. Could you picture his response if he beat the Warriors? Back to reality, the Hornets won’t win the finals or get out of the eastern conference.


(7) Indiana: The Hoosier state. The state where basketball is a lifestyle. Too bad the Pacers never lived up to the hype. The last time they made the NBA Finals was with Reggie Miller. I don’t understand how a state that loves basketball that much can be so bad year after year. Let’s just see how far Paul George can carry them.

(8) Detroit: I am a huge Detroit fan. I love Stan Van Gundy. He has done what Curry, Kuester, Frank, and Cheeks all failed to do, bring Detroit to the playoffs. There is no big man/point guard combo that has more potential than Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond. The late addition of Tobias Harris was huge as Detroit added a defender that can compete with Lebron James. The Pistons are a team on the rise with a young core. I expect a lot of excitement from them during the 2016 playoffs.

Western Conference

(1) Golden State: Stephen Curry is not real. Klay Thompson is not real. Draymond Green is one of the top hustle players in the league. This team is virtually unstoppable. Anyone can coach this team and they would have the best record in the league. Just look what former NBA benchwarmer, Luke Walton did with this team. Crazy stuff. No way anyone can compete with this team in the NBA except maybe the guys from the Alamo.

(2) San Antonio: The Spurs only lost one game at home this season. This Spurs team might be one of the most stacked NBA teams that we have seen in the past decade, unfortunately for them the current Warriors are arguably the #1 most stacked team in NBA history let alone in the past decade. For the Spurs to beat the Warriors, they will have to force the Warriors to play their game and slow down the tempo. I see a legitimate shot of the Spurs bringing back the title to San Antonio if they can somehow do that and stop Chef Curry. Remember what happened to Ray Allen in 2008? It happens, sometimes shooters struggle and Curry is more than due to go through a rough patch. Also enjoy this picture of Manu. Chaos that he used to have a full head of hair.


(3) Oklahoma City: Billy Donavan should have never left the University of Florida. Everyone enjoy watching Westbrook and Durant play together for the last time this playoff season. Actually enjoy both of them wearing a Thunder jersey for the last time. Why would these two guys stay in Oklahoma? They have been there for their whole careers and have never had a good team put around them. Who runs that team a 5 year old? No one with any sports knowledge would make the moves they did over the past 5 years. They traded away James Harden and Reggie Jackson, two NBA stars, for nothing in return. My prediction KD will go east. Westbrook will go west. And the Thunder will go down in the conference semifinals.

(4) LA Clippers: Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin…And this team is still irrelevant in my eyes. I would not be surprised if they lose in the first round to Portland. I think it has come to the point where we can all say that those guys just can’t win together. Plus does anyone else want to see these guys win a championship anyway? Do the clippers have fans? The NBA is a better place when the Lakers are the best team in LA.

(5) Portland: I view Portland as the Boston Celtics of the western conference. A team that is on the rise and with a great coach. Lillard reminds me a lot of Thomas and the way he can control the game. The Blazers have had a bunch of bright spots this season such as their blowout win over the Warriors. I expect to see a hard fought playoff run from the Blazers and a first round upset.

(6) Memphis: The Memphis Grizzlies have put together yet another playoff run. The Grizzlies will cause some problems for teams such as OKC if they meet in the first round. Gasol and Randolph are a heck of a duo down low that can be hard to stop for teams with not that much depth down low. Gasol and Randolph have both said that the addition of Mario Chalmers earlier in the year was huge. Now they finally have that token guy to blame all of their failure on. Gasol can go 1-25 from the field and could say it was Chalmers fault and everyone would agree with him. My prediction is that the Grizzlies lose in the first round but go 7 games with whomever they play

(7) Dallas: It’s that time of year again in Dallas. Time to see Mark Cuban lose his mind game after game. You know there will be at least one time this playoff season where he goes off about the refs after a game and gets a fine. I personally love to see Mark Cuban going absolutely bananas behind the Mav’s bench and seeing ole Dirk try to calm him down. It’s pretty sad when it’s more entertaining to watch a team’s owner than the actual team. I don’t see anything but this team getting swept in the first round. Hopefully we will get to see at least one or two hardo comments from Cuban.


(8) Utah: They have to play the Warriors in the first round. Enough said. Not wasting my time or yours by saying anything else.


(4-0) Golden State vs. Utah

(4-0) San Antonio vs. Dallas

(4-3) Oklahoma City vs. Memphis

LA vs. Portland (4-3)


(4-2) Cleveland vs. Detroit

(4-1) Toronto vs. Indiana

(4-0) Atlanta vs. Charlotte

(4-2) Boston vs. Miami


(4-3) Cleveland vs. Boston

(4-3) Toronto vs. Atlanta


(4-1) Golden State vs. Portland

(4-2) San Antonio vs. Oklahoma City


(4-2) Cleveland vs. Toronto


(4-3) Golden State vs. San Antonio


NBA FINALS PREVIEW: Golden State defeats Cleveland in 6 games. Steph Curry named MVP.

-The Rabbi



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