Can Any Woman Be Over A 6/10 Wearing All Denim?

This trend is the absolute shittiest combination of hipsters and country music. I don’t care if Aeropostale took a huge shit all over your wardrobe, doesn’t seem like any acceptable excuse to look like Miley Cyrus’s dad. So let’s look at some of the worlds hottest people and see if they can look even mildly hotter than your second grade teacher.


Mariyn Monroe


4/10- I love M.M., but I’m looking at some sick offspring of a 3rd grade boy and the Queen of England.

Selena Gomezselena-gomez-denim-darling-at-gas-station-02.jpg

6/10- Selena Gomez is hot, but even the Disney smokeshow can’t explain the camel toe in denim here. It’s just ungodly.

Emma Watson


6.5/10- Great face ruined by looking like a 1932 sailor. Minus points for use of exclamation points in this magazine.

Kate UptonUpton_03_1968601a.jpg

8/10- Kate Upton’s ass can break the laws of physics.  I’m gonna give her some extra points just for defying science.




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