Where For Art Thou, World Series?

Spring training and the usual offseason trades have come and gone. It’s finally time for the real deal. And the question on everyone’s mind is this: Will the Cubs finally win it all? Not for me. Rather it is the following: How will the Cubs choke this year?

They’ve become one of America’s favorites, or at least most talked about the past couple years, but still the complete loser in comparison to their south-side brothers’ success 11 years ago. 2015 was much improved with a new manager and multiple young guns far exceeding what fans hoped for, but the end result was still a postseason run where they got brutalized by a team who they themselves swept in the regular season.

Expectations are much higher in 2016, and as meaningless as it is, an abysmal spring training has raised my spirits. Still, nearly everyone has predicted they’ll finally win it all. I’m not that stupid. Living in Chicagoland all my life has taught me better than that. So don’t get angry when they choke again. The Cubs will NEVER win.

cubs suck

– The Irishman


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