Rich Parents Love Lacrosse

I would consider myself a huge sports fan. But one sport that I just do not understand is lacrosse. It is mind boggling to me how people can watch a lacrosse game for more than 5 minutes without getting bored.

The sport consists of two teams running around beating each other with sticks and trying to get a ball into an awkward looking net. Have you guys ever seen that thing? Please tell that me that it’s not awkwardly built. You can’t.

Another thing I don’t get is how can any parent encourage their child to play that sport?

What are young lacrosse players striving for? There is no professional lacrosse league. Let me rephrase that there is but no one watches it or gets paid a good amount of money to play in the league.

Maybe it’s the fact that it is an expensive sport. I guess parents just want to brag about how their kids play it as a way of throwing how rich they are in other people’s faces.

At least if your kid wants to be a professional baseball or basketball player the chances are extremely slim but there’s still a chance.

You can be the best lacrosse player in the world but what do you get from that accomplishment? Brag how you got a full ride scholarship to Duke or Maryland.

End of the day, lacrosse is a sport that is misunderstood. Did I say sport? My bad, meant to say recreational activity.

-The Rabbi

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