If You Go to a Spring Football Game You Are a Loser

It’s that time of the year again. The snow starts melting. The birds soar back to the North. The leaves start to bud. You know what that means? Baseball? Nope. College football spring scrimmages.

If you go to a spring football game then you are a loser. Period. There is only one exception for someone to go to spring game; that is, if you have a son playing. That is it. Parents only. The crowds should be 100 people max, maybe slightly more if a player has a few step dads or moms.

Unfortunately people are dumb. Especially in the South and Columbus, Ohio.

Today was Clemson’s spring game. There were a reported 50,000 people there. 50,000 people who woke up this morning and went to a stadium to see third stringers not allowed to touch Deshaun Watson. They spent roughly three hours of their Saturday watching practice.

Last year, Alabama SOLD OUT their spring game. So too did Ohio State. This is embarrassing. Now, let me go check how Michigan State’s spring game turned out.

-B Prime Minister

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